April 12, 2024


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‘Holmes Family Rescue’ Fills You In on One Type of Furniture You Should Never, Ever Buy

‘Holmes Family Rescue’ Fills You In on One Type of Furniture You Should Never, Ever Buy

On “Holmes Family Rescue,” renovation expert Mike Holmes shows us all that goes wrong with a house—then he works alongside his grown kids to repair the damage.

“I’m teaming up with my son, Michael [Holmes Jr.], who can build anything, and my daughter Sherry [Holmes], who’s highly skilled and has an eye for design,” Mike explains. “Together, we rescue families who have been scammed by bad contractors and crappy workmanship.”

In the latest Season 2 episode “Beloved Bungalow,” the Holmes family works with John and Lesa, who have a small house in need of a big makeover. John had a stroke recently, so their home needs to be made safe, accessible, and functional without sacrificing style.

As the Holmes family gets to work, they pass along some truly clever ideas on how to renovate a house, select furniture, help the environment, and more. Check out what we learned this week.

New roofing can be eco-friendly

‘Holmes Family Rescue’ Fills You In on One Type of Furniture You Should Never, Ever Buy
Sherry Holmes, Mike Holmes, and roofing contractor Steve Graves discuss how roofing material helps clean the air.


The house needs a new roof, so Sherry suggests using high-tech shingles that can help lower the couple’s electricity bill.

“It has smart cooling technology, so the sun isn’t going to penetrate through that,” she explains. “It’s actually going to reflect the sunlight back into the sky.”

But there’s more.

“Along with that, we also have the smog-absorbing feature,” says roofing contractor Steve Graves.

Smog, which is made up of car exhaust and other toxic chemicals, can be absorbed by trees. But today, high-tech roofing can help absorb toxins and clear the air, too.

Though this roofing is a bit more expensive, Mike points out that homeowners should think of it as an investment that will pay them back over time.

“So many people look at buying the cheapest shingles on the market, but you’re trying to protect your home,” says Mike. “Put in a couple more dollars, get the best shingles, be good for the environment.”

Make old brick match new brick

The best way to make new brick match old brick is with a tint.
The best way to make new brick match old brick is with a tint.


It was necessary to remove a few old windows and add some new ones, so this means they have to brick up some spots on the exterior.

“Of course, the new brick doesn’t match the old brick,” says Mike. “When you repair new brick on an old home, it’s almost impossible to match that brick. Obviously, this stands out like a sore thumb.”

While painting the brick is one way to match old brick with new, paint can peel off over time. A better method is to use a stain or tint.

“The tint is absorbed into the brick, and it looks pristine,” Sherry explains. “The tinting becomes part of the brick, which allows it to retain its texture and breathe better so moisture doesn’t get trapped. It will keep its color for a long time.”

A quartzite sink is practical and pretty

This quartzite sink has many advantages.
This quartzite sink has many advantages.


When most people think of sink material, porcelain and steel are the first things that come to mind. But interior designer Kimberly Capone has something even more practical in mind for John and Lesa’s kitchen.

“It’s not porcelain. It’s a quartzite sink,” she tells the Holmes crew. “Heat-resistant, scratch-resistant, antibacterial…”

“It’s also very light,” says Michael as he hoists the new sink into place. It’s a winner all around.

Add trim to dress up a plain wall

It's easy to install this type of millwork.
It’s easy to install this type of millwork.


While the house has come a long way, Sherry and Michael want to dress up the walls—and one easy way to do this is with trim.

“Just adding a nice trim, creating that wainscoting effect, adds so much character and texture to a room,” says Michael.

“Especially a smaller space,” Sherry adds.

Never buy this one type of couch

Sofa shopping is the the fun part!
Sofa shopping is the fun part!


When the Holmes family heads to Capone’s showroom to pick out furniture, they look at couches first.

“First of all, you should always ask what type of density foam you need,” advises Capone. “Foam is really, really important, and nobody asks how much density the foam is.”

She gives a brief tutorial. “There are three numbers: 1, 2, 3. No. 1 is the lowest grade. This would be furniture you would buy at a big-box store, or you’re taking it to college. It will last you one to two years.”

In other words: Never buy cushion No. 1. So how can you tell?

“Those are cushions you sit on, and you will leave an indentation,” explains Michael. “It’s not going to bounce back.”

Capone agrees, and continues, “Two is something that will last four to five years. Three is the highest-density foam. This gives you the resiliency. It bounces back quickly, and it lasts for 10 to 12 years.”

And here’s a bonus tip to extend the life of your furnishings: “If you flip your cushions, now you’re going to double the longevity of your sofa,” Capone says. “That’s how you’re going to get a 20- to 25-year sofa.”

Hide storage under a hydraulic bed

Bet you've never seen under-the-bed storage like this before!
Bet you’ve never seen under-the-bed storage like this before!


Next, it’s time to look for sleeping accommodations.

“This is the type of bed I want to give them,” says Capone. “The coolest part of this bed is storage.”

Because John and Lesa have no storage in the bedroom, says Capone, “I can only fit a couple of nightstands in that space.”

The solution: “We’re going to give them storage underneath their bed. Check this out,” she says, as she reaches down and easily flips the mattress up. It’s hydraulic and stays in place when you lift it. And the bedding stays in place when the mattress is raised, too.

It’s ideal for storing linen, bedding, winter clothes, pillows, and suitcases. Storage problem solved!

In the end, it really is amazing what the Holmes family is able to do to this small bungalow.

“There are no words,” Lesa says once she sees her new home.

Adds John: “This process is life-changing.”