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Buzzwords of Bias – AIJAC

Buzzwords of Bias – AIJAC

The distorted catchphrases of the Israeli-Palestinian battle


Greater than the a number of years, states, leaders, worldwide organisations, and the intercontinental and Israeli media have produced a inclination to endlessly repeat chosen internationally recognisable catchphrases and buzzwords with the aim of dictating and influencing a definite, partisan political narrative in opposition to Israel.

This tendency is attending to be a long-lasting phenomenon and an increasing number of obstructs any real attempt to acquire reconciliation between the Palestinian and Israeli peoples.

The repetition of this type of phrases and circumstances in all and any dialogue and reporting of events and developments within the context of the Israeli-Palestinian dispute is lawfully inaccurate and blatantly misleading.

While this type of makes use of could probably emanate from ignorance as to the real meaning of this type of phrases and buzzwords and the actual specifics and lawful {qualifications} of the a wide range of considerations, it’s further possible that they’re intentionally alleged to mislead the group.

The following are many illustrations of this type of fallacious, misleading, and malicious catchphrases and buzzwords.


Buzzwords of Bias – AIJAC

The “State of Palestine” doesn’t and has certainly not existed, in easy truth or in laws (Picture: Wikimedia Commons)

1. “State of Palestine”

In reality and in laws, no “State of Palestine” exists among the many world’s sovereign level out entities. These sorts of a state has not at all existed.

Whereas the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) has, as a result of 1974, held observer standing within the United Nations as a recognised nationwide liberation motion, its makes an try to realize recognition as a thoroughly-fledged, voting member-point out of the UN have under no circumstances been acknowledged. The Palestinian administration has by no means ever been capable of level out to the UN Safety Council {that a} Palestinian entity is a “peace-loving” entity that fulfills the universally recognised capacities for statehood.

The United Nations doesn’t have the approved potential to construct states, however solely to acknowledge states to membership on the advice of the Safety Council.

In attempting to bypass this hurdle, the Palestinian management has progressively extended and upgraded its observer place and even improved the denomination of its observer delegation to “Palestine”. This was obtained via initiating a sequence of political resolutions within the UN Typical Meeting, which had been adopted by an automatic overwhelming majority. Nevertheless, this type of resolutions aren’t binding and never authoritative.

This Palestinian political bodily train within the UN Normal Meeting culminated in 2012 in yet one more non-binding and non-authoritative decision, adopted by the precise automated political the overwhelming majority, to reinforce its place from an “observer entity” on the United Nations to a “non-member observer state”.

Since 2012, the Palestinian management has utilised this modification in nomenclature with out the necessity of any authorized authority, looking for to control the worldwide group into believing that it has realized statehood and to suggest itself because the “State of Palestine”.

However this fiction has not altered the fact that the Palestinian standing within the United Nations stays that of an observer.


2. The “Unlawful Occupation”

Within the coaching course of additional than 50 a very long time of malicious repetition and deliberately misleading web advertising and marketing, the expression “the occupation” has flip into universally synonymous fully with Israel’s presence within the West Lender areas of Judea and Samaria.

In keeping with the worldwide legislation and train of armed battle, a situation of career shouldn’t be unlawful. It’s an accepted authorized circumstance, a approved expression of artwork referring to a provisional standing of belligerency wherein one specific sovereign energy occupies, throughout an armed battle, the territory of one other sovereign energy, pending an agreed decision involving the get-togethers in battle. Occupying powers have the 2 obligations and privileges underneath worldwide humanitarian regulation.

“Occupation” doesn’t replicate the scenario with respect to Israel, whose standing within the West Monetary establishment areas of Judea and Samaria and the Gaza Strip is distinctive (sui generis) on condition that these areas had hardly been considered sovereign Jordanian or Egyptian territory. The territories legitimately got here lower than the authority of Israel, though defending alone throughout a battle imposed on it by its neighbours in 1967. The areas ended up not taken or obtained from states that held prior reliable sovereign place or powers greater than the territory, and, as these kind of, don’t fall beneath the accepted definition of career.

The well-known “inexperienced line” boundaries that differentiate Israel from Gaza and the West Financial institution have hardly been authorized borders, however solely armistice strains. There is no such thing as a these level as Israel’s “1967 borders.” (Graphic: Shutterstock)

On the other, Jordan’s existence and its 1950 annexation of the West Lender area skilled under no circumstances been given worldwide recognition. Equally, Egypt by no means claimed or represented that its military administration of the Gaza Strip previous to 1967 was its sovereign territory.

Thus, the implications and assumption of Israeli illegality are completely flawed.

Regrettably, the phrase “the occupation” has been artificially tailored to realize a unfavorable political connotation with regard to Israel – by means of repetitive worldwide political manipulation. It’s cynically used within the intercontinental neighborhood to defame and condemn Israel and to delegitimise its lawful and historic statements in regards to the territories.

With the keen and computerized help of a politically biased worldwide group, the Palestinian administration has even weaponised the time period “occupation” as a suggests to concern Israel’s legitimacy. It has remodeled the worldwide authorized time interval “occupation” right into a catchphrase “unlawful career,” which governments, international organisations, diplomats, media, and human rights activists have blindly adopted in an endeavor to recast Israel as an outlaw state. The top results of such manipulation is that the time period “the occupation” is often misused to suggest that Israel took deal with of and administers the spots illegally. Such misuse ignores real approved and historic guarantees espoused by Israel and acknowledged by the intercontinental group about the long run place of the areas.

The expression is utilized derogatively solely concerning Israel, as if no different drawback exists within the setting the place a state bodily workout routines authority in disputed locations. In its clear fixation on Israel, the worldwide group ignores this kind of conditions.

Contemplating that the West Financial institution areas of Judea and Samaria have hardly fallen lower than the accepted definition of occupation, they continue to be “disputed” between the features pending an agreed, lengthy lasting settlement of their standing. The 2 events espouse claims concerning the areas and have agreed, pursuant to the internationally endorsed Israeli-Palestinian Oslo Accords (1993-95), to peacefully negotiate and resolve such statements. Pending negotiated decision of those areas’ lengthy lasting standing, the get-togethers have agreed to divide the powers and tasks included of their governance.

For that motive, the time period “the occupation,” selectively and derogatively utilized in opposition to Israel, is flawed and has no authorized basis. It operates opposite to the agreed Israeli-Palestinian negotiation process to resolve the issue of the lasting standing of the territories and seeks to undermine legit claims referring to the territories.


3. “Occupied Palestinian Territory” (Decide)

The phrase “Occupied Palestinian Territory” (Select) is inaccurate each factually and lawfully. The territories are neither occupied nor are they Palestinian.

When between 1967 and 1974, UN documentation employed the expression “Occupied Arab Territories”, this was artificially altered in UN resolutions and paperwork by the use of politically enthusiastic, nonbinding UN Frequent Meeting resolutions and continuous political repetition, and the time interval “occupied Palestinian territories” has attained prominence in international parlance on condition that 1982.

There has hardly been any binding or authoritative international approved instrument, settlement, mandate, declaration, or decision that decides that the West Monetary establishment locations of Judea and Samaria and the Gaza Strip are Palestinian. These territories have under no circumstances been legally or formally designated as “Palestinian” territory. They’ve been certainly not part of any Palestinian sovereign entity, which has by no means existed and ended up certainly not taken from any Palestinian entity.

Nevertheless, the faulty phrase “OPT” has develop to be lingua franca throughout the worldwide area people.

On the other, pursuant to the 1993-95 Oslo Accords, the PLO and Israel have absolutely commited to negotiating the territories’ lengthy lasting standing. In the event that they on their very own are devoted to negotiating their lengthy lasting standing, there could be neither logic nor justification in assuming that the territories are Palestinian. Consequently the time interval “occupied Palestinian territory,” which appears in World Committee of the Purple Cross and UN documentation and in declarations and statements by globe leaders and worldwide resolutions, and even within the Advisory Impression of the Intercontinental Courtroom of Justice of July 9, 2014, as regards to Israel’s security barrier, is redundant. It’s completely nothing excess of a political catchphrase that has by no means emanated from any real approved examination.

Appropriately, any use or acceptance of the denomination “Palestinian territories” or “occupied Palestinian territories” in influence prejudges the results of all these agreed-on negotiations and contravenes and undermines the agreed commitments within the Oslo Accords.


4. “Settler Colonialism”

Using this curious terminology by severe nonetheless left-wing and ostensibly progressive elements is completely nothing excess of a shallow and dishonest attempt to manipulate worldwide considering. It’s completed by using outmoded, anarchistic, and quasi-mental templates taken from age-aged colonial circumstances in an effort to transpose them on to the circumstance of Israel.

These templates bear no relation the least bit to the situation within the Heart East.

Accusing Israel of colonisation is an try to fraudulently and artificially stand for Israel in the exact same mild because the European powers that colonised Africa and the Americas in lots of of years passed by. This kind of illustration is absurd and an insult to intelligence.

This fallacious and harmful accusation fully ignores the situations of the defensive battle that launched about Israel’s acquisition of regulate of the territories in 1967.

It ignores and undermines people central UN resolutions and signed agreements calling for a negotiated settlement of the Heart East dispute.

It ignores that equally the Israelis and the Palestinians have agreed to divide governance of the territories pending the results of the negotiations on the lengthy lasting standing.

It additionally ignores the indigenous authorized rights of the Jewish people within the spot in addition to the internationally acknowledged historic and authorized claims of the Jewish individuals as regards to the realm, as recognised in these sorts of gadgets because the 1917 Balfour Declaration, the 1920 San Remo Declaration, and the 1922 League of Nations Mandate instrument, and reaffirmed in Quick article 80 of the UN Structure.

The institution of settlements by Israel within the territories, in accordance with its prerogatives beneath worldwide regulation because the governing authority within the territory, cannot in any method be observed as any sort of colonialisation. Using non-privately-owned public land for settlement or agriculture is fully fixed with acknowledged intercontinental norms as extended because the standing of the land shouldn’t be modified pending its closing negotiated finish outcome.

Pursuant to the Oslo Accords, settlements are an agreed problem of negotiations regarding Israel and the Palestinians to determine the long-lasting standing of the territories, alongside each other with different points these sorts of as borders, refugees, safety, monetary passions, and Jerusalem.


5. “Settler Violence”

This expression has taken on a lifetime of its particular person as element of the acknowledged international phrasing in quest of to vilify Israel. It makes an attempt to create a brand new and distinctive phenomenon of particularly tailor-made violence that exists nowhere else, as if Israeli residents of settlements have made their very personal distinctive methodology of violence.

Violence by everybody, just like the residents of Israel’s settlements, is illegal and is to be condemned, prevented, convicted, and punished. However, to at least one out such acts by a small amount of individuals of Israel’s settlements, and to rework this right into a cynical, clichéd, and generalised expression meant to tarnish a complete crew, belies any intercontinental logic and morals. It shows a novel political bias that, in some other circumstance, could be deemed the topic of censure.


6. The “1967 Borders”

The drastically recurring, lawfully flawed, and bogus merely name for Israel to “return to the 1967 borders” has turn into a staple element of the Palestinian narrative. That is even nevertheless no this type of borders ever existed, and there exists no settlement in between Israel and the Palestinians calling for or agreeing to “1967 borders”.

The strains from which Israeli forces entered the West Lender and the Gaza Strip in 1967 had been the 1949 Armistice Demarcation strains, which, as acknowledged within the armistice agreements, remained brief time period traces and never final political borders.

Pursuing the 1967 battle, UN Safety Council Decision 242 (1967) named for the negotiation of “safe and recognised boundaries,” thereby formally affirming the worldwide consensus that the 1949 Armistice Demarcation strains had been hardly deemed to be protected and recognised boundaries.

Within the 1993-95 Oslo Accords, the PLO, within the determine of the Palestinian people, and Israel dedicated to negotiating “the border difficulty” within the lengthy lasting place negotiations.

Bilateral borders cannot be imposed by bogus and deceptive clichés, produced to ascertain bogus political info. They merely can’t be imposed by the wishful considering of partisan options within the worldwide area people. It’ll take two get-togethers to barter a border between them. Any vital negotiation on the border scenario must ponder the genuine and substantive security, historic, and demographic parts essential to determine any freely negotiated bilateral border.


7. “Apartheid State”

This false clichéd declare is progressively recurring by the Palestinian administration and by propagandists making an attempt to get to delegitimise and undermine Israel and stand for it as an unlawful and felony entity.

The expression was at first advocated by Yasser Arafat and adopted by NGO teams on the discredited 2001 UN Conference on Racism at Durban. It tries to deliberately misrepresent Israel’s possess constitutional and authorized system and its administration of the territories in accordance with the norms and rules of intercontinental humanitarian laws. It additional misrepresents and undermines the mutual Israeli and Palestinian commitments within the Oslo Accords, pending negotiated settlement of the eternal standing of the territories.

As such, it makes an attempt to construct a false and misleading equivalence with the earlier South African apartheid routine.

Tries to label Israel with the time interval “Apartheid” betray utter ignorance of each the racist mom nature of that thought in South Africa and its which means in worldwide laws (Graphic: Alamy)

The adoption of this harmful assert implies a deficiency of comprehending and even utter ignorance of the racist character and components of the accepted worldwide definitions of the phenomenon of apartheid. It’s no significantly much less indicative of a good even additional and extra profound absence of comprehending of the character of the state of Israel as an open, pluralistic, and democratic tradition.

The end lack of any equivalence amongst Israel and its administration of the territories and the previous apartheid regime in South Africa is so blatant that only one can solely suppose that each one these using these sorts of an equivalence are intentionally and maliciously manipulating and misleading worldwide perception. In so executing, proponents of this declare search for to ship into concern the fairly legality and basis of the state of Israel’s existence and eventually stimulate the imposition of an intercontinental sanctions regime versus Israel modelled on the actions in opposition to the previous apartheid routine in South Africa.

The comparability of Israel to that routine beneath white supremacist rule has been utterly rejected by these with an private understanding of the previous apartheid regime, specifically professionals from South Africa. Israel is understood and acknowledged as a multiracial fashionable society, and its Arab inhabitants constitutionally enjoys complete equality and liberty of expression. It actively participates within the political plan of action, elects its parliament (Knesset) associates, and is represented in Israel’s authorities, Knesset, and its Supreme Courtroom. Each religious group in Israel has its private religious courtroom course of, implementing Sharia, Canon, and Jewish regulation, respectively.

Israeli laws regards Judaism, Islam, and Christianity as formal religions and constitutionally ensures end liberty and equality for all. That is versus individuals Arab and different states wherever an individual faith is said the state religion or Western nations the place Christianity is thought to be the predominant religion. It’s considerably in distinction to individuals Muslim nations around the globe these kind of as Iran, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia, wherever specified areas, cities, and roadways are restricted to “Muslims solely” and precisely the place girls are addressed as next-course residents and LGBT communities as criminals.

Inciting or practising racism in Israel is a authorized offence, as is any discrimination based totally on race, religion, sexual activity, or gender. Israeli schools, universities, and hospitals make no distinction in between Jews and Arabs.



It’s superior time that the intercontinental group, leaders, parliamentarians, media representatives, and international and regional organisations principally cease to let on their very own to be blindly manipulated and motivated by bogus clichés and buzzwords. Any severe and trustworthy consideration of the wish to resolve the dispute regarding Israel and the Palestinians cannot depend upon these sorts of catchphrases, that are produced and utilized to maliciously dictate a bogus worldwide narrative.

The above itemizing of phony catchphrases and buzzwords is hoped to supply as an eye-opener for all those that unthinkingly allow them selves to be manipulated.


Ambassador Alan Baker is Director of the Institute for Updated Affairs on the Jerusalem Centre for Neighborhood Affairs (JCPA) and the pinnacle of the World-wide Laws Dialogue board. He participated within the negotiation and drafting of the Oslo Accords with the Palestinians, as properly as agreements and peace treaties with Egypt, Jordan, and Lebanon. He served as approved adviser and Deputy Director-Basic of Israel’s Ministry of International Affairs and as Israel’s Ambassador to Canada. © JCPA (, reprinted by authorization, all authorized rights reserved.